Allow me to introduce myself.  Well, I’ll be honest and say that I was thinking of going with an alias. Maybe something cool, with a play on words and I came up with- wait for it………….

Anna Neemos!

Get it? Anna Neemos – Anonymous? (Please don’t roll your eyes. I thought it was clever and at the end of the day, that is really all that matters.) My name is Neghie, and I bet you’re trying to figure out what that sounds like.  It’s not Knee-High or Knee-Gee or Nay-Hee.  It’s NAY-gee.  Or you can just call me Anna.

So what makes me such an expert you ask? The only credentials I have for doling out relationship advice is the nearly 10 years of martial bliss to a man that I’ve been with for almost 15 years. Hard to believe its been that long…I’m only 31 though!

He’s my ace, my b-f-f, my buddy…We have the kind of relationship a couple we hangout with call 69ers. (69ers- Couples who are so far up each others asses, they live in an alter universe). We’re not that bad, but we do have one of those relationships people talk about…in a good way. It is this very relationship that allowed me to do the kind of deep self introspection that allowed me to recognize love the moment it presented itself to me, because I didn’t always know what it looked like which brings me to the ultimate goal and the purpose of this blog and my intentions for it.  I have some very unorthodox views on a lot of things, and as I write, you’ll come to know them all and then some.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate looking like a fool so, I am putting this into the internet universe that I, Neghie Pean, will be writing my first book, Relationship DNA, Why You Love The Way You Do.  There, I said it, and now, I have to do it so I don’t look like a fool.  It’s like Weight Watchers…only its for writing. On a more serious level, I do hope that I can help as many of you who are looking for love and desire to have long lasting passion filled relationships. If I can help just one chronically single lady from going to one more crappy creepy date, date one less jerk, wear one less ugly bridesmaid dress, then I know I’ve made a difference in the world.

Each week, sometimes a couple times a week, I will be updating you on my progress, share some of my thoughts, theories and theology on love and relationships and even give some heartfelt GET REAL CHICK advice. Shall I give myself a deadline for said book?  Dare I place myself in such a position? I dare. I will set the release of my book Relationship DNA, Why You Love The Way Do for August 31st 2012, on my birthday!  I need to also be 10 pounds thinner.

So please, feel free to subscribe, ask me questions, encourage me, curse me out behind a veiled identity, whatever floats your boat. I’m kind of excited about this!


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