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It’s been a while! Had the book launch cocktail party with a few friends and it went off exactly as I imagined…except for all the little things that didn’t go right, but those things didn’t matter.

I’m not going to talk about how a few people I expected to show up didn’t, and I won’t talk about how weird some of the guests were, but I will talk about how I am absolutely proud that I can call myself an author and that I’ve written something I hope at least someone on the planet can have a life altering aha experience from.

I still don’t have all the photos, but I’ve posted a few for your eyes only. After I read a short intro chapter, I went through some of the reasons why I wrote the book and gave brief descriptions of the profiles. Then I opened it up to questions, which interestingly enough lasted for almost a half an hour. That was actually very fun for me and I kept thinking…oh…they were actually listening!

Then we played a little game. Since this was all about relationships, I thought it would be fun to get the married women to give some of the single ladies a bit of advice on what they’ve learned. I had the single ladies write down all kinds of questions they’d like advice or new perspective. To encourage participation, I bribed them with a chance to win a Kindle. The more questions they asked, the more tickets they got for the raffle and the more answers the married women answered, the more tickets they received. That worked perfectly and that session lasted another two hours. Im not sure if it changed anyone for the better, but there were nuggets of great words of wisdoms. It never ceases to amaze me just how short we as women sell ourselves, but now, at least I can tell you why.

An event like this wouldn’t be what it is if its not for the little background things that color it and make it just a little bit more interesting.

1. Welcomed Crashers
It was suppose to be an all girls thing, but a couple of guys snuck in, including my husband and actually contributed to the conversation with some male perspective. I think they asked more questions about the details of the book than the girls.

2. Bad Blood
One of the guests was highly annoyed by another. Apparently she kept talking about her own accomplishments and saying my name incorrectly…
Meanwhile, the same girl who was annoyed by the girl who kept saying my name incorrectly insulted my cupcakes (it seems she’s the only one on the planet that doesn’t like them). I think it’s hilarious.

3. Cant Stand the Heat
Oh, and one of the married girls left the party early the moment we started the advice portion. Her marriage is on the rocks and she refuses to let go despite her husbands insults and repeated bad behavior. I think at some point, it all got too much.

Well, that was it. I have to say, I don’t think I’d mind doing this again…not so much the book thing, but the speaking thing. I’m usually a nervous wreck at the start, but then I get into my groove, and I feel like I’m contributing somehow. Or…maybe it’s just an ego boost.

Until next time!