So, tomorrow, my book launch party is finally here. Do I feel prepared? Not in the least.

A zillion things went wrong at the last minute. Noticed several mistakes after it came from the original editor when I flipped through it. It was a disaster. I ended up soliciting the help of a friend, but I think this experience has taught me that hiring a professional editor will not only remove the headache of editing my own book, it will save me precious time!!

I still worry that everything wasn’t caught, but I’m sure it will be brought to my attention if there is something to worry about.

Yes, I’m a nervous wreck, I think mostly because so many people I invited had ‘prior engagements’. It only bothers me because I know those prior engagements were not unbreakable. Nothing makes you feel worst than realizing you are lower on the list of important people than you thought. What could be more important than your friends book launch?!

I’ll tell you, only three things…a wedding, a funeral and a medical emergency. All other excuses are negligible by my account, and put you at the top of my sh*t list.

I don’t care if just five people show up. I’m going to go on as if the entire world shows up because I am ultimately in control of how I react and what I do with this opportunity.

I’ll take lots of photos and tell you how it all goes down. Wish me luck!!