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I find it particularly interesting how the universe works. When things are going badly, you literally can’t find a red cent lying around if you need it, a drop of water if you’re thirsty, or catch a break when you’re free falling.

It works in exactly the opposite as well, that when things are going great, they keep happening for you, almost like luck is drawn to you like a magnate. This is the phenomenon that brings about all the eligible hotties the minute you enter a committed relationship, or why the rich seem to get richer…the opportunities just pile up.

That’s why it can be so difficult to get out of a terrible state of mind right? You can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel and no matter what you do you can’t seem to catch a break.

I feel like this book has been the catalyst for the change in tide of my prior dismal state. There are times you take a leap of faith into something, it doesn’t pan out and it seems everyone turns their backs on you, discounts you, and jumps off your wagon because you are no longer on the ‘winning’ track. They love you when you’re up and ignore you when you’re down.

That’s okay. We all need that don’t we? That’s when we see who our real friends truly are…and when you realize, you really have far fewer than you think.

I’ve learned friendship means nothing without loyalty, or the willingness to ride it out, through thick and thin, not even married people master that concept.

Okay, you’re probably wondering what I’m babbling on about. Nothing really…just that I realize that I am truly in charge of my destiny and happiness. When things seem the most bleak, you have to do something extraordinary for yourself, to break out of your darkness.

I’m having my official book launch party. Wasn’t going to have one. The thought of it terrifies me. My written thoughts have always only be read by a few people and now I’m inviting as many people to read about some intimate and revealing truths about me. I read somewhere, however, that unlike many other things you can build or create, if you do not tell them, they won’t come.

I also learned that I’ve really got to step out of my comfort zone. If you want to achieve something great in your life, you can’t hope to do it with people who are hoping for just good enough. It just…isn’t good enough.

I must not rest on my laurels. Writing this book has pulled me out of a dark place and the universe is responding in kind. The more good I do for others, the more good I do for myself, the more good the universe does for me. I understand now the importance of always thinking positively, however unrealistic because you will literally attract that energy toward yourself.
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When it rains, it pours, but sometimes, that’s a good thing.