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Alright, so I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not I should change all the Profile names for the relationship DNA types all to animal names.  So far the Queen Bee works, the Tigress is perfect and Lioness, which I have yet to discuss fits the bill.  What I couldn’t find animal names for were the Artist and Actress, I think partly because they’re just so darn perfect in explaining exactly who they are in one word.  

Still, there’s that perfectionist part of me that likes to crawl out while I’m trying to sleep and nags me about it making them all animals just because it sounds neater. If I don’t listen to her, she’ll always make me regret not trying my best to see if I can reach perfection, however lofty that goal.

My biggest issue with coming up with a replacement has been for the Artist. Someone suggested a peacock…thanks Alex…but the most beautiful peacocks are usually male and they’re sort of the ones walking around looking pretty.  Doesn’t really fit the bill.  I think what I found is a close one, but it isn’t an animal that most people are familiar with, though it is a bird. I like this bird because of how she builds her nest and her mating dance. The Artist is really about the song and the dance, playing proper gender roles, the man is the caretaker while she takes care of the nest, I mean home. So there were some similarities I liked.  

This bird is called the House Finch which is fun because I often like to say that Artists like to play house. (I know…I can be a big block of government cheese.) At any rate, the way the House Finch does their mating dance is that the female will solicit food from the a prospective mate and the male will either mock feed her or will actually regurgitate food into the female’s mouth. Of course if she accepts, then they go on to live happily ever after. They are of course monogamous and what I find most interesting is that the males will defend their female mate rather than a nesting territory the way most other birds do.  


That sort of reminds me of the men Artists tend to go for, just a little.  They can be benevolent dictators to downright domineering dicks, but they are very protective and very territorial of their women. As for the courtship part, I can draw similarities in the way that the male approaches with food, symbolizing the fact that he can take care for her, provide for her, and how she’ll pretend or go through the song and dance, i.e. similar to the way an Artist is concerned about ceremony of things. 

What bothers me about going with the House Finch is the fact that after they procreate, she will leave the nest to find another mate to create another brood of babies, while the male continues to feed the babies until they’re ready to leave the nest. I can’t imagine an Artist would be okay with that! They’re too traditional in terms of gender roles so it makes the whole thing fall apart really. So, I think I’ve talked myself out of this one. What do you think. I will continue the search.  

If any of you have an animal in mind, doesn’t have to be a bird, then please…feel free to suggest. Alright, gotta go.  Got a book to write.  Until next time!