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Today, I’m giving you a tid bit of the Artist, but before I go on, I must emphasize that what I am posting should be considered more like an amuse bouche, a morsel of a much larger web of information.

This is not about personalities as much as it is about character and your environment and associations will affect who you are overall. In these posts I attempt to address all shades of each profile, so every girl sees herself some how immediately.  I plan on having several examples of each type to help you get a clearer understand of what it means to be a tigress, a queen bee ect.

For the purposes of the blog I’m keeping to major generalities.  As long as you have placed yourself in the right category in accordance to your father-daughter relationship, you will find that these profiles will have you pegged in some aspect. You’ll have to read the book to get the really good stuff.  Duh!!  If anything, I’ll use less absolutes and limit everything to “may, might, and can… In re-reading my last post about the Tigress, I do have to make some corrections and changes. A lot what I mentioned, will be reserved for specific examples of real lives.  Thanks Mag, I did catch some things that need some attention.  The post has been updated since, so for those of you who felt it might be you, check it out at https://relationshipdna.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/the-5-relation…igress-arrrrgh/

I was also thinking that perhaps, I should change all the profile types to all types of animals…after all the queen bee, tigress and lioness seem to work. So keep in mind that the Artis and Actress may change.  I’ll let you know what I decide.

So, as usual, we’ll start with what you should know, in case you haven’t read the other posts.

What you should know:

Each rDNA type coincides with a matching father-daughter relationship and unless someone or something has interfered or disrupted the dynamics of that relationship, the chances are, you will fit and exhibit the patterns that relationship dictates. In other words, the relationship with your father will have a predictable effect on your life. Ill be getting into the details of the of those father daughter relationships and why they affect us the way they do, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll just talk about the fun stuff and keep it super light.

The 5 rDNA types and their match father type are

The Doting Father > The Queen Bee

The Absent Father > The Actress

The Distant Father > The Tigress

The Demanding/Supportive Father> The Lioness

The Domineering > The Artist 

The Artist

The Artist can best be described as passionate architects. They are the masters of their universe, where everything has its place and should play it’s role.  She has a perceived clear idea of who she is and what she should do with her life and puts herself in a position to get to get it.  Smart, decisive, and ambitious, she’s a makes it her business to keep order, no matter what.


The Artist has what most would consider, a “strained” relationship with her father.  Though she desires to be close, his domineering sensibility makes it difficult. He concerns himself with things like schooling and even her love life, he is not particularly affectionate, although he may or may not try to exhibit that affection in other ways.

The Domineering father usually means well, and may not be aware of ways, but he will usually impose his wishes despite her objections. The impositions can range from passive aggressive to tyrannical. Either way, daddy’s opinion matters to her, and she learns to behave and do things to please him which inevitably pleases her.


When it comes to love and relationships, she shares many similarities to the Queen Bee.  She takes a very traditional view on things such as gender roles.  The difference is, the Artist is drawn to men that have domineering personalities, much like her father. She prefers men who are decisive, ambitious, intelligent and in control, even if that means that she loses some power.  If the guy she ends up with does not exhibit some of these qualities, she can become increasingly unsatisfied without truly understanding why.


She has a very clear idea on what her role is in the relationship and what her significant other should be like.  Where the Queen Bee feels her role is in running the home, the Artist believes is completely fine if the man should makes all significant and final decisions, from money to matters of the home and family.  Best described as benevolent dictators, the depths of his involvement can run deeper than most other profile types might be comfortable with. Her willingness to relinquish control makes her very desirable to many men as marriage material.

Good isn’t good enough.  The Artist has a burning desire to constantly work and mold her romantic relationships to ‘look it’s best’. Committed and loyal, she is protective of the relationships she cultivates and is very good at (what some would consider) putting on a great PR campaign for the relationship and her man.

Possible Weaknesses:

Learning from her experience with her father, the The Artist may lack the ability to express herself very well. This may mean constantly holding back feelings or emotions which can lead to emotional outbursts under situations of extreme pressure or dilemmas.

As stated previously, good isn’t good enough for the Artist, and she may have a tendency to work things to appear like perfection.  What the relationship looks like can become a major focal point and she may go to great lengths to show only the good even when serious major issues may be present. The Artist also known as the Stepford Wife type, takes great care to put out the image of perfection as it pertains to her role and how her man is presented and perceived by everyone which may leave little room for her to seek help or advice in situations that she may not be able to handle on her own.  They are the types to suffer in silence for the sake of perception.

If the Artist ends up with someone who doesn’t play his part in creating that picture of perfection she has imagined, she may grow increasingly displeased and may feel exposed. This may also cause her to act out and make decisions in desperation that she may not have really wanted for herself. She may be too quick to make decisions and slow at correcting them.

How to Know You’re An Artist.

You have a decent and/or strained relationship with your father

You Love playing house, and great at creating grand gestures and experiences

You are drawn to men who like to take charge, and control (not abusive)

Traditionalist in your view of gender roles as it pertains to relationships.

Would rather keep your problems in your relationships to yourself rather than seek help or advice

Next up…the Actress…and all of her drama!