Today, I’d like to talk about the Tigress, one of the 5 relationship DNA profiles for women.  If you’re a little clueless as to what this is all about, go back and read my post on the subject titled: The 5 relationship DNA profiles: The Queen Bee

In case you’re too lazy to go back and read the first one, I’ll reiterate that what is important to understand that each rDNA type coincides with a matching father-daughter relationship and unless someone or something has interfered or disrupted the dynamics of that relationship, the chances are, you will fit and exhibit the patterns that relationship dictates. In other words, the relationship with your father will have a predictable effect on your life. I’ll be getting into the details of the of those father-daughter relationships and why they affect us the way they do, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll just talk about the fun stuff and keep it super light.

The 5 rDNA types and their matching father type are:

The Queen Bee > Doting Father, we discussed this last time…

The Actress > Absent & Sexual Father

The Lioness > Demanding/Supportive Father

The Artist > Domineering Father

The Tigress > Distant Father


The Tigress, not to be mistaken with the White Tigress, like the animal is a fierce one.  She is the girl who makes being single look super fun. She is energetic, always moving and aggressive in all aspects of her life, whether it be dating, her career, or having fun fun.


The relationship with her father might have been cordial, but not very involved.  Her father could have been a cold or warm individual, but deep interactions were not a daily part of their lives.  In fact, he could spend days without really interacting with anyone except for basic needs or questions. He might have seemed to be in his own world, leaving his wife to run all aspects of the household.  She may be so domineering that her overbearing presence takes the place of his absence.  Living in his own world or bubble, he may not have been emotionally equipped to open up and engage so while growing up, the Tigress may be grateful for his presence, but confused about his distance.  She may end up feeling the need to fend for herself and learns to love her new-found independence. This explains why she is who she is.


I call these types of women Tigresses precisely because of they’re natural desire to be single (I use the term natural loosely). They revel in it.  Her aggressive nature can at first be very attractive but quickly wear thin, especially in long-term relationships. Without a fair amount of adventure and just as a much aggression coming her way, she can quickly grow bored and detach herself from what most would consider tight relationships fairly easily including family and long time friends.

The Tigress is best described as passionately fierce. She may come off decisive and cold, but she is quite sensitive. Her propensity to be single doesn’t necessarily mean she likes being alone.  Her life is full of friends, acquaintances and family. She also wants to be taken seriously and acknowledged. She plays the role of side kick very well, and can adapt to most environments to fit in where she can, although she may not always feel completely comfortable.


The Tigress approaches relationships with a open mind and is usually open to guys who can introduce and expose her to new things. Her adventurous spirit craves constant excitement and he has to be confident and quick enough to keep up. Confident, cunning, sociable and relatable, the Tigress is always up for fun, fun, fun!


Where the Queen Bee has a strong knack for all kinds of relationships, the Tigress isn’t such a natural. When it comes to love and relationships, the Tigress’s carefree attitude can be intoxicating. Completely opposite to the Queen Bee, many Tigresses have a more untraditional view on relationships and just to prove how independent they can be will make declarations like, “I don’t need a man to be happy”…or “not every woman wants to be married”.

Confident and fearless, she is comfortable in her skin and sexuality. She also needs to feel free enough to come and go as she pleases and can become increasingly annoyed if her leash feels a little too short and tight.

Possible Weaknesses:

Though she may be sociable, the Tigress may have never learned to work as a team when it comes to relationships.  The Tigress learns early on to take care of herself and thus doesn’t rely on others for help in the way a Lioness or an Artist would (coming up).

A social butterfly, the Tigress is a natural connector and gets along with many types of people. Because of her need to stay fluid and free, many of those ties tend to be weak, though she will foster deeper ones with those she deem important.

Always on the go and quick to go off on her own, the Tigress would do better to learn to learn to work with her significant other and take a little more time in making final and big decisions when it comes to her relationships.

How to tell You’re a Tigress?

  • You grew up with a Distant Father
  • Very sociable, keep ties and relationships with many types of different people
  • Always on the go, prefer to rely on herself to get things done
  • Open minded with an untraditional view on relationships


I plan on going into super detail so that I’m not creating a shell of a character.  What could end up happening is someone thinking they’re at least four out of five of these profiles which would be pointless. I think I would like to include some real life examples, for every profile. If you think this is you and would like to volunteer, message me.  You can be anonymous if you’d like.

Thanks for reading…and next the post on the Profiles will be about…wait for it…

THE ARTIST.  She’s a character.