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Last post, I said that I would introduce you to the 5 relationship DNA profiles for women. What is important to understand is that each rDNA type coincides with a matching father-daughter relationship and unless someone or something has interfered or disrupted the dynamics of that relationship, the chances are, you will fit and exhibit the patterns that relationship dictates. In other words, the relationship with your father will have a predictable effect on your life. Ill be getting into the details of the of those father daughter relationships and why they affect us the way they do, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll just talk about the fun stuff and keep it super light.

The 5 rDNA types and their matching father type are:

The Queen Bee > Doting Father

The Actress > Absent & Sexual Father

The Lioness > Demanding/Supportive Father

The Artist > Domineering Father

The Tigress > Distant Father

I think I’ll start with the queen bee. I find her fascinating.


Queen Bees enjoy a close relationship with their father. Her doting father is affectionate and showers her with praise. A true daddy’s girl, she is likely to share more with him than most other girls would feel comfortable sharing with their fathers.

Queen bees have a strong knack for all kinds of relationships, especially friendships and get along with all sorts of different kinds of people. Their passive nature allows them to move seemlessly through different circles of friends and are very good at cultivating and maintaining these relationships.

The Queen Bee is best described as passively assertive. She may not neccessaily know exactly what she wants about everything, but she is quite decisive about what she wants out of life.


Smart, decisive, and doting, queen bees are dependable, and typically emotionally stable which can be a desirable trait for marriage material.

When it comes to love and relationships, she takes a very traditional view on things such as gender roles. She believes the role of the man is to provide for the home, while she takes care of home…(rule over her dominion). That essentially means having alot of control of some major aspects of the home and relationship such as finances and making “final decisions on all matters that deal with the home front’.  It also applies to providing for her emotional needs as well.  A Queen Bee needs a healthy dose of affirmations to maintain a sense of comfort.

Queen bees are easy to love and love easily.  They try to avoid conflict at all costs and would prefer not to broach an issue that will involve heavy negative sentiments, so arguments are kept to a minimum. They revel in harmonious settings, where everyone plays their role and expectations are met.

Because of The Queen bee’s assertive nature she’s usually got everything figured out and expects her man to be ready to implement and roll with the punches. However, although they tend to take charge, they like their men to have strong convictions, be decisive and in control of themselves.

Possible Weaknesses:

The Queen Bee’s assertiveness may scare off some men. She is so convicted and sure in her ways that she may leave very little room for him to shine. If he is not secure, he may find it difficult to find himself in the relationship.

On the other side of the spectrum, though she may be assertive in some aspects, she may be too passive in her dating life– so passive that she makes herself too difficult to guage. This passiveness can come across as disinterested or passionless which can translate to many lost opportunities.

How to tell You’re a Queen?

  • You have and always had a really close relationship with your father (Doting Father)
  • Hate conflict, and will avoid it at all costs within all of your relationships
  • Very sociable, keep ties and relationships with many types of different people
  • Traditionalist in gender roles

Next, I Address, the Tigress…