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Since all I talk about is my book now, I was discussing with my husband some of the women I knew and the relationships with their fathers. (I use him as my sounding board sometimes…alright may be more than sometimes…perhaps too many times, but that’s why he’s here, no?)

I came to the realization that the title of my book may not be exactly precise.  I wanted to call it, relationship DNA: Why You Love The Way You Do, but when I was discussing the rDNA of one of my closest friends, it came to mind that though a father has a tremendous effect on the kind of men his daughter will be and is attracted to and how she relates to them– on some level, mothers may also play a pivotal role in influencing what her daughter will consider acceptable behavior and even how she should conducts herself within the relationship as it pertains to her role.

Still, the father-daughter relationship is what I know affected me most, and can help most women understand the patterns of healthy relationships or the kind sabotaging behavior that is keeping them from moving forward in life and relationships. The father-daughter relationship is the predicator of the how a girl sees herself, who she’ll be attracted to and the type of affection she will seek, thus, it’s not so much about why a woman loves the way she does, but why she loves who she loves. Why You Love The Way Do has a much broader scope and since I want to focus on the father-daughter relationship and how it affects our relationship with men, I should change the subtitle to Why You Love the Men You Do. 

What do you think? Perhaps I should wait till it’s completely done and update then.  This will undoubtedly gnaw at me until I figure it out.