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On Wednesday, a friend of mine called me up and wanted me to go shopping with her because she wanted my opinion… (quite frankly I think she just wanted some company). I don’t think she realizes how much I hate it. All I can see is everything I can’t have. At any rate, she dragged me out of my den and while we jumped from store to store, we passed a bridal shop that she all of a sudden had to check out.  Apparently, she wanted to try some wedding gowns for her wedding that may possibly happen in a year.  That, I found particularly interesting since in the entire year I’ve known her, she has never even mentioned the name of her boyfriend. I wasn’t even sure if she had one. She just sort of simply doesn’t talk about it and when she does, it’s in passing. A while back, I asked a mutual friend if (we’ll call her Jacklyne) had a boyfriend. She never really spoke about dating. Our mutual friend shrugged her shoulders and went on a two minute rant about how Jacklyne is always talking about this guy, but in the four years she’s known her, she’s never met the man. Here we were, though, in a bridal shop, watching her try on dresses for a wedding. Worst yet, there’s no engagement ring! 

I don’t think she’s delusional or anything like that. She’s a pretty sane and bright girl, but I do perhaps think that maybe, she might be fooling herself about the status of her relationship. Is there even a relationship?  Okay, maybe she’s a little delusional.